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“How May I Help YOU ”

“How May I Help YOU ”

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How may I help you? An offer for assistance, often from a salesperson or employee. A: "How may I help you?" B: "I'm looking for a cocktail dress for a wedding.. How may I help you? I have been told that using "can" in this context is not proper however I have not found anything that supports or refutes this claim. So in this.... How may I help you? May I help you? Do these two statements have the same meaning or do they differ? I could find no difference yet wanted.... Translations in context of "how may I help you" in English-Spanish from Reverso Context: Emergency services, how may I help you?. "How may I help you?" "Can I help you?" They maybe the same meaning, please help me to translate to Portuguess.. But you may not want or allow them to do these things. So they ask "How may I help you." It's just like asking the teacher "Can I go to the bathroom?" "I don't know.. How May I Help You? If you provide service as part of your value, the first opportunity you have to learn about your customer's needs is to ask.... The sentence "How may I help you" should be changed to "How may I assist you" in the service industry. Do you agree or disagree? Justify your.... How may I help you? I work in a retail hardware store and would like to learn phrases that would allow me to communicate at least on a rudiimetary level.. "How may I help you?" sounds weird.. Emotion: thinking. 17th May 2007. Pucca.. If the answer to that is no then the response to your question 'How may I help you'? is surely along the lines of 'I don't need any assistance at the moment thanks'.... How May I Help You? [Singh] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this moving and insightful work, Deepak Singh chronicles his downward.... How May I Help You? is the second EP released by progressive metal act Sikth. The EP features the title track, Suffice and an experimental cover of Nick Cave's.... Immediately he saw me, he asked: How may I help you? Before I could come forth with an answer, my brain had already answered; HOW you may help me is.... Hi, how may I help you today? Hi, how may I assist you today? Assist is slightly more formal than help, and may is more formal.... How may I help you? added by CK, September 14, 2012 at 3:59 PM. #1848814. linked by Pfirsichbaeumchen, September 18, 2012 at 2:44 AM. #1848816.. How may I help you? I sometime take calls from Spanish speakers. In English I answer the phone saying "how may I help you?", would I say the...

How may I help you? A.L. Gorin ), G. Riccardi 1, J.H. Wright 2. AT&T Labs-Research, Florham Park, NJ, USA. Received 14 February 1997; revised 23 May 1997.. Muchos ejemplos de oraciones traducidas contienen how may i help you Diccionario espaol-ingls y buscador de traducciones en espaol.. Como se dice "How may I help you" en espanol? 7332 views. updated Jan 21, 2011. posted by ShannonMarie2424. Welcome to the forum! -...


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